Underground Nightclub

100% love it
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Upbeat mixed nightclub
Popular for it's DJs and karaoke nights, the crowd is a mix of gays, lesbians and queens.


    • MarcieGurl
      MarcieGurl Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worth A Visit
      Can be hit & miss as far as a being wild to mild, Mostly mild, Like most bars in Buffalo things don't start till after 11pm. Some may consider the place a "dive" but I say it has chartecter lol. The staff is very friendly & respectful. Dance floor is so-so but ok, Drag show is way better than some higher profile local clubs/bars. They do some off-the-wall stuff for free drinks sometimes . . . example: call heads or tails for a drink . . . 5 stars for staff . . .