Jims Steakout

100% love it
Late night goodness
You could go here anytime of day for chicken finger subs, fries with gravy and poutine or steak sandwiches, but anyone in Buffalo will tell you that Jim's Steakout is best enjoyed after 3am while drunk. This location is close to all the Allentown gay bars.
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    • knightabraxas
      knightabraxas Over a year ago
      Loves it

      drunk food.
      the late night employees are better. please do not eat here unless it is after 2 am and you are heavily intoxicated.

    • Bmore21230
      Bmore21230 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      There's nothing quite like a Jim's steak and cheese sub at 4:00 AM after the bars close. Philadelphia, you know I love you. But you can keep your cheese steaks. Jim's Steak Out is way way way more delicious.